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Dragon King's Son-In-Law

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Chapter 425 wrist number
On the other hand, his power was no fit for Zhao Kuo’s!
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Roar! Zhao Kuo converted into a black color dragon!
At his current state, he couldn’t retrieve to his entire durability even though he took elixir capsules
Zhao Kuo’s exercises with the tri-level double-edge sword were definitely instant, but Hao Ren’s sword energies ended up faster . While in each accidents, they attack the identical place about the tri-point two times-edge sword with reliability!
Experiencing the fit coming into this period, the taking a look at cultivators all got their hearts in their throats . They s.h.i.+vered lightly as if Zhao Kuo’s tri-stage twice-side sword success their health .
Incapable of remain position, Hao Ren’s system almost handled the floor along with his confront downwards!
“He deserved it!” Hao Ren resolved as he dodged Zhao Kuo’s tri-factor dual-benefit sword .
“Perfectly finished! Young child!” Zhao Kuo given back his gaze to Hao Ren and said .
From the encounter of Zhao Kuo’s Eliminating Tribulation, Hao Ren’s 160 sword energies were definitely dispersed very easily .
Without worrying about help and support of his weapon, Zhao Kuo misplaced his balance and declined!
“Sorry! It absolutely was a crash!” With all the Getting rid of Tribulation in the fingers, Zhao Kuo yelled while he chased Hao Ren on the struggle .
Swoos.h.!.+ Hao Ren’s physique flew five yards ahead, and he discovered the balance .
Zhao Kuo swirled his hefty tri-position double-benefit sword similar to a windmill .
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The Wiping out Tribulation weighed about 3,250 kilos!
Having said that, Hao Ren who had been hovering on his sword energies is in a pa.s.sive scenario .
“Surrender, and I’ll get you to get rid of gracefully!” Zhao Kuo reported even though swinging the tri-issue two times-advantage sword .
With two distinct sounds, the sword energies under Hao Ren’s legs immediately spread!
Observing the fit coming into this level, the taking a look at cultivators all experienced their hearts and minds inside their throats . They s.h.i.+vered lightly just like Zhao Kuo’s tri-position double-benefit sword attack their health .
Some higher-leveled cultivators been curious about if they could hold up against Zhao Kuo’s brutal problems and shook their heads afterward .
Obtaining nowhere to avoid, Hao Ren was forced downward another ten meters!
Without having the support on the tri-point increase-side sword, Zhao Kuo start falling to the ground in a direct collection!
Hua! Hua…
He was approximately to mention anything to save his encounter when Zhao Kuo’s sword energies collided with Hao Ren’s, and dozens of sword energies flew toward him once more .
Zhao Kuo’s tri-issue two times-advantage sword whistled toward Hao Ren .
As they had been fighting fiercely, they been told Oldman Zeng’s gloating words and immediately switched the sword energies at him .
Ranker Who Lives Twice
Roar! Zhao Kuo turned into a black dragon!
Hao Ren experienced like his upper body would shatter as blood flow spurted from his oral cavity, in which he flew backward .
Panting, Hao Ren observed Zhao Kuo drop since he sensed depleted across, and also the dragon main within his body broken .
In this particular intense compet.i.tion, Hao Ren possessed virtually no time to organize and use his sword arrays, and Zhao Kuo wasn’t about to combat Hao Ren with sword energies at the same time, realizing that Hao Ren’s sword arrays ended up better than his .
Without having the assist from the tri-issue twice-benefit sword, Zhao Kuo start dropping to the floor within a upright lines!
“Grandfather!” Zhao Yanzi tensed up and yelled .
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Immediately after hundreds of collisions, Hao Ren finally shattered the liquid-elemental tri-level dual-advantage sword regarding his sword energies!
Whilst they were battling fiercely, they read Oldman Zeng’s gloating words and immediately converted the sword energies at him .
Roar! Zhao Kuo transformed into a black color dragon!
Everyone was dumbfounded .
Hua! Hua…
The Flaming Jewel
Regardless of all of this, Zhao Kuo’s tri-factor double-benefit sword shattered his sword energies and hacked onto his arm, starting his outdated injury .
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Zhao Kuo smashed his tri-level dual-side sword onto the floor, and his awesome ma.s.sive system chance up for instance a rocket . On the other hand, his 320 sword energies suddenly kept Wiping out Tribulation and flew to the ground ahead of growing abruptly!

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