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The Peterkin Papers
Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet

NovelPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little SweetPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet
2466 Side Story: Ji Xiuran 11 bedroom yam
Following stating that, the guy moved the young lady and remaining the spot without seeking back again.
“Ji Xiuran, I’m asking you… Just what… simply what does Worriless signify to you personally?” Haitang requested an extensive while afterwards, meeting Ji Xiuran’s eye.
Ji Xiuran placidly sat down again around the your bed and watched the lady wide open the many lunch bins for him.
The Prairie Wife
Li Chun was extremely formidable and was thought of one of the level battling causes during the Self-sufficient Status. Furthermore, that they had the benefit in amounts, so even when Li Chun’s confidants were definitely Ji Xiuran’s adult men, Ji Xiuran didn’t dare to act rashly. He patiently waited until Li Chun was calm enough right before impressive the lethal blow!
Soon after stating that, the person brought the woman and kept the place without appearing back.
Half a month in the future:
“I am… I’m frightened you’ll pass away. Ji Xiuran, you idiot!” The woman clutched Ji Xiuran in her hands. “In the event you die… what’s the point in me living… You shouldn’t have come!”
Li Chun transformed around in surprise and stared at his two confidants.
“Could it flavor very good?” The gal was anxious.
However, Li Chun idea he’d completely conquered Ji Xiuran but was merely floundering inside Ji Xiuran’s capture this whole time. Regardless if this became a deceased-stop terminal plot, Ji Xiuran gambled along with his life… and he claimed!
Li Chun converted around in great shock and stared at his two confidants.
“Sibling Xiuran, place me straight down!” The young lady battled.
Ji Xiuran placidly sat back down on the your bed and looked at the young lady opened each of the lunch bins for him.
“Brother Xiuran, get me decrease!” The girl fought.
This g*dd*mn Ji Xiuran!
She then collected a table spoon and ordered him: “Available the mouth area.”
“Your real love is here now. I’m departing.” Haitang smiled and turned into make.
Lastly, the lady fought no cost and also the man declined on a stack of snowfall.
Snowfall fluttered around them, and every single one of the man’s ways came out especially strained.
“Emperor Ji!”
Finally, the girl fought free along with the man dropped with a stack of snowfall.
However, Li Chun thinking he’d completely beaten Ji Xiuran but was merely floundering inside Ji Xiuran’s trap this whole time. Regardless of whether this has been a dead-finish dangerous plan, Ji Xiuran gambled along with his life… and that he won!
Just before Li Chun could act in response, a chilly glint flashed in the view of your experts behind Li Chun and their daggers ruthlessly pierced Li Chun’s again at the same time.
Ji Xiuran smiled faintly but didn’t answer.
my soul to keep kennedy ryan
When the two confidants considered Ji Xiuran’s swaying shape, their expression discovered their trepidation.
“Brother Xiuran, put me downwards!” The woman had trouble.
Right then, Worriless Nie walked inside with a stack of dinner packing containers.
Ji Xiuran: “…”
“That is soup brewed with an ancient hen that may help you heal your blood… Here are some stir-fry meals too…” Worriless Nie reported.
Through Three Campaigns
“Episode,” Ji Xiuran purchased expressionlessly.
“Buddy Xiuran, get me down!” The woman battled.
The Idol Group Pet Became A Final Boss!
“Sis Haitang!”
“Attack,” Ji Xiuran required expressionlessly.
Half on a monthly basis in the future:
Li Chun was dead. The other everyone was not a thing!
“Emperor Ji!”
“Your soul mates will be here. I’m leaving behind.” Haitang smiled and turned to make.
At that moment, Worriless Nie went inside having a heap of dinner boxes.
The other one mankind was unwilling to throw away his phrases and stabbed his dagger into Li Chun’s neck.
“It is soup brewed with an old hen to assist you recuperate your blood… Listed below are some mix-fry dishes too…” Worriless Nie mentioned.

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